When You Visit The Shelter

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After you have thoughtfully considered whether you are ready to adopt a cat, including understanding the responsibilities & commitment, determined the type of cat that would be best in your home, and prepared for the costs of owning a cat, then it is time to pay a visit to the Shelter!

When To Visit

The Shelter is open to the public six days a week. Weekends are normally very busy, so if you can plan your visit on a weekday it will be a little less hectic. CLICK HERE for our hours. Please plan your visit with the understanding that the adoption application process must begin at least one hour before our scheduled closing time.

Come Prepared

Be sure to review our page Choose The Right Cat For You and make some notes about your needs, living situation and lifestyle, and bring them with you to the shelter so our staff can help you find the perfect cat for your situation!

Our Cat Rooms

Community Cat Rooms: The Shelter has several Community Cat Rooms where you will find cats that roam around at their leisure in cat trees, cat dorms and walkways around the walls. These are cats who are more socialized and tend to interact well with other cats.

Independent Cat Room: In the Independent Cat Room you will find cats who are frightened, very shy or just prefer staying in their own company and away from other cats. Don’t overlook these felines. They may need to find a home without other pets or small children, or require a little extra love and attention.

Interacting With Our Cats

As you can imagine, we have visitors every day who just want to pet or play with the kitties. We know that their intentions are good, but cats are creatures of routine. Like many of us, they are not fans of disruption or change. Relinquishment to a shelter puts their world in a tailspin and stress results. Over stimulation from complete strangers can create even more stress and trauma. We are very attentive to keeping stress to a minimum for our cats so they can adjust to their new environment. For this reason, we limit interactions with the cats to staff, trained volunteers and serious adopters.

Please, for your safety and the well-being of our cats, do NOT enter a Community Cat Room unless you are accompanied by staff or a volunteer. And, no fingers in cages, please!

You are certainly welcome to view all of our cats at your leisure, but if you want to interact with one of our adoptable cats, you must first have an approved adoption application on file. If you don't find the cat that is right for you on your first visit, but will continue to come back until you do, we recommend that you complete and submit an adoption application. Once approved, your application remains valid and on file for six months.

To save time, you can download an adoption application, complete it, and bring it with you! Just click on the Download icon below.

Click On The Submit Online Form Button Below To Complete & Submit An Adoption Application Online.

Online Adoption Application

CLICK HERE To Complete and Submit Your Online Adoption Application

Seniors For Seniors

If you are age 55 or older and choose to adopt a senior dog or cat, the adoption fee is WAIVED!
For more information, click on the image below.
CLICK HERE for more information about our Seniors For Seniors Adoption Program

Pets For Vets

If you are a Veteran or Active Military and choose to adopt ANY animal at the Shelter, the adoption fee is WAIVED. For more information, click on the image below.

CLICK HERE for more information about our Pets For Vets Adoption Program


Click on the icon below to submit your question about adopting a cat ONLINE NOW and the Shelter will respond to you within 48 hours!

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