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It’s every pet parent’s nightmare: Your dog or cat has gotten loose and you don’t know where he or she is. Don’t panic—there are steps you can take to locate your pet. Swift action, coupled with major neighborhood networking, will increase the odds of having your furry friend back in your arms. The key is to get the word out to as many people in as many places as possible, so don’t be shy about enlisting the help of your friends and family in the search efforts. To assist and support you, we've put together the following list of tips and resources that will aid you in finding your lost furry family member.

Be Proactive

Remember, identification can be a lifesaver for a lost pet. It’s a good idea for all your animal companions—even indoor-only pets—to always wear a collar with an ID tag that includes your name, current phone number and any relevant contact information. Microchip your pet as a means of permanent identification, but keep in mind that microchips are only as good as the information provided to the chip’s company. If you’ve moved or changed your phone number since registering your pet’s chip, be sure to submit an update as soon as possible.

Search Your Home and Alert Neighbors

As soon as you notice your pet is missing, talk to your family members or housemates and ask where they last saw your pet. Search your home carefully—under beds, in closets, dark places, small places, behind bulky furniture—in case your pet may be hiding or sleeping somewhere. Shaking a food dish, treat jar or favorite toy will sometimes lure animals out of a hiding place.

If you are sure your pet is not in or around the home, take a slow ride or walk around your neighborhood. Bring along a recent photo of your pet and ask neighbors if they’ve seen him or her. Check under porches and shrubs, and ask neighbors to check in sheds and garages in case your pet was accidentally locked in.

Contact Us

The Porter County Animal Shelter maintains a lost pet list so that we can contact you if your animal is brought to the Shelter by Animal Control or the public. You can call us at (219) 465-3550 during our normal BUSINESS HOURS or you can submit an online Lost Pet Report by clicking on the icon below. If we have your pet, we will contact you.

CLICK HERE To Submit An Online Lost Pet Report The The Porter County Animal Shelter

Lost And Found Pets In Porter County Facebook Page

The Porter County Animal Shelter manages a LOST AND FOUND PETS IN PORTER COUNTY Facebook page, and our followers are eager to help reunite lost pets with their families. The Shelter posts pictures of stray animals that are brought to us by the public or animal control. If you live in Porter County and have lost a pet, you can upload a picture, description and contact information to the page, and our army of followers will help you! Help us to get lost pets home quickly and safely by joining our page. Scroll down to the bottom of the this page to see the Lost And Found Pets In Porter County Facebook newsfeed.

Contact Other Shelters, Veterinarians And Rescue Groups

Calls should be made to the local veterinary hospitals, public and private shelters, and rescue groups in your area. One of them may already have your pet in custody. If you live near the boundary of an adjacent county, check with the other county’s shelters. Listed below are adjacent county animal shelters. Just click on the appropriate shelter’s name and you will be directed to their website.

Humane Society Of Hobart

Lake County Animal Shelter

LaPorte County Animal Shelter

Jasper County Animal Shelter

Create And Distribute A Lost Pet Flyer

You’ll want to create a flyer that will stand out and get noticed by people who may have seen your pet. Repeated viewings of a consistent message are more likely to stick in people’s minds, so we recommend sticking with one design for your flyer.

Start with a big, bold headline that people can read from a distance, like “LOST DOG” or “MISSING CAT.” Include a clearly printed, recent photo of your pet and list the breed, sex, coloring, age, weight, any distinguishing features and when and where he or she was last seen. Provide your name and two phone numbers: yours and a friend or family member’s in case you cannot be reached.

If you need to create a flyer, petfbi.org has a great online service where you can upload your pet's picture and other relevant information, then print flyers for your lost pet. CLICK HERE to create a lost pet flyer online.

Good places to post your flyers include dog parks and runs, pet supply stores and pet grooming shops and veterinary offices. Various commercial establishments like grocery and convenience stores, gas stations, laundromats, bars, cafes and restaurants are other good high-traffic options. Cover lampposts and trees near where you think your pet was lost, and around busy commercial and pedestrian sections of town. Put up flyers around schools or at kids’-eye level. Children can be more observant than adults, especially when it comes to animals.

Don’t Give Up!

This one is important! Remember that many lost animals have found their way back home!