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Pets For Vets

When a Veteran is matched with the right pet, both lives change for the better. The Veteran saves the animal and welcomes him/her into a loving home. Research tells us that companion animals, such as cats and dogs, can help improve our physical and mental health. By adopting and spending time with an animal friend, you can experience the benefits of lowered stress levels and blood pressure. The company of a beloved pet has proven to reduce depression.

Our knowledgeable staff will help you select a companion who fits into your lifestyle and housing situation and our adoption fee will be WAIVED, subject to an approved adoption application and proof of veterans' status.

Acceptable Veterans' status identification includes and one of the following:
VA  Identification Card
US Uniformed Services Identification Card
Geneva Conventions Identification Card
Indiana Drivers License with AM (Active Military) or V (Veteran) designation on back.
DD Form 214
NGB Form 22
Honor Rewards Card

For more information about our Pets For Vets adoption program, please call us at (219) 465-3550 or stop by the Shelter during regular business hours.

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