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Colony Caretaker Online Application Form

  1. Colony Caretaker Online Application
    Please complete ALL fields in this form. You will not be able to submit the form until ALL fields are completed.
  2. How Would Your Like Us To Respond To You?*
  3. When Is The Best Time To Reach You By Phone?*
  4. Do Any Of The Cats Appear To Be Injured Or Diseased?*
  5. By checking "I Understand & Agree" for each item listed below, affixing my Electronic Signature and submitting this application, I acknowledge and agree to adhere to the following TNR Best Practices Standards applicable to my role as a free roaming Colony Caretaker:
  6. I am responsible for providing food, water and shelter for my colony.*
  7. I am responsible for making every effort to ensure that all cats in my colony (including new cat arrivals) are vaccinated against rabies, spay/neutered, and ear tipped.*
  8. I am responsible for finding a substitute caretaker to replace me temporarily or permanently on those occasions when I can no longer perform as the caretaker for my colony (i.e. should I go out of town on a trip, be temporarily disabled, or move away so that I am unable to continue my caretaking).*
  9. I recognize the inherent risks to anesthesia and surgery, particularly for cats that are pregnant, in heat, injured, sick and/or have no medical history available.*
  10. I recognize that the cat(s) do NOT undergo a pre-anesthetic evaluation by a veterinarian.*
  11. By presenting these cat(s) for surgery, I accept the risks for any underlying health problem that would complicate surgery and/or recovery.*
  12. By affixing your electronic signature below, you affirm that you are authorized to submit this application and all answers in this application are true and correct. You further accept the terms and conditions of set forth above, and agree to conduct your responsibilities in accordance with the TNR Colony Caretaker Best Practices listed above.
  13. Please type in your full legal name.
  14. After you have completed all fields on this form, please click on Submit or Submit & Print (if you want to keep a printed copy). After you click on Submit or Submit & Print, you will be redirected to a submission confirmation page. If you are unable to submit, it is likely that you failed to complete a field on this form.
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